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Oliver Jarman

Oliver Jarman


Where did your interest in Corporate Finance begin?

Economics underpins all decisions in modern society, I have studied it throughout my life, while also having strong interests in politics and psychology. Derived from my natural curiosity into how and why decisions are made I found myself drawn to the world of finance.

Corporate finance particularly interested me as every client has their own unique needs and everyday processes its own challenges and rewards.

When did you join Gambit?

I joined Gambit in 2018. Before joining the firm, I studied economics at Cardiff University graduating with a 2:1. I then joined Hargreaves Lansdown before flying to New Zealand to spend 6 months exploring the Eastern Hemisphere.

I wanted to further pursue my interest in the financial world. It quickly became apparent that Gambit’s entrepreneurial spirit was gaining industry wide recognition which I wanted to be apart of.

Since joining I have welcomed the challenge to sustain and exceed Gambit’s high standards, enjoying the analytical details while researching new industries and business practices. Nevertheless, I have found the direct and regular contact with the Partners most beneficial; they all have their own area of expertise and industry insight which is extremely valuable to me and the clients we work for.

What might people not know about you?

In my free time I enjoy playing rugby, surfing and currently learning how to speak French. I managed to play rugby for the South West of England and have surfed in some of the best spots in the world.