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About Gambit

We are an independent corporate finance lead advisory firm, providing services to private and public companies and ensure that we deliver the best outcome for every client, every day.

Corporate Finance Specialists

We have created solutions for companies at every step of the value creation journey for over a quarter of a century.

Global Support

We provide services to companies throughout the UK as well as internationally.

Partner-led Transactions

Whether buy-side or sell-side, preparing a business for exit, raising investment or sourcing strategic advice on value maximisation.

Fellow Business Owners

We understand what it takes to build strong foundations, create growth and get results.

Our Services

Choose a service below and click the links to discover what we offer and how we can support your business:

Corporate Finance International (CFI) was established to offer best-in-class services in cross-border acquisition, divestiture, capital raising and related services. It offers membership to only one company per country  and Gambit is its sole UK representative.


We work with companies across a wide range of sectors. See below for more information on who we work with.

Food & Beverage

The UK food and beverage industry employs over 13% of the total work force in the UK, from primary production and manufacturing through to retail and food service, is respected throughout the world and we believe it underpins significant opportunities for M&A activity.

Business Services

Companies are increasingly outsourcing key business processes to service providers who, with access to scale and technology, can provide services on a more efficient and cost-effective basis.

Software & IT Services

Successful technology companies are focused on innovation and delivery, and the sector continues to provide a clear opportunity for M&A activity in the UK and globally, from both corporate acquirers and private equity investors.

Financial Services

The financial services sector is central to the UK’s economy but an increase in regulation is causing some smaller companies and owner-managed businesses to seek an exit to avoid the additional cost and time associated with a growing compliance burden.


The leisure industry in the UK is diverse, incorporating an array of goods and services for peoples’ enjoyment and entertainment.

Manufacturing & Industrial

The manufacturing and industrial sector has long been viewed as of central importance to the UK economy, with UK manufacturers differentiating more recently by having “value add” and “niche” activities.

Cleantech & Renewable Energy

Cleantech describes knowledge-based products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution.

Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare is a large and growing market driven by demographic changes and advances in medical knowledge and technology.

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