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Ewa Modzelewska

Ewa Modzelewska


Where did your interest in Corporate Finance begin?

I started my career working in financial audit in KPMG where I qualified as a chartered accountant. I was always interested in business and audit provided an excellent opportunity to work with a variety of companies across different industries. I really enjoyed talking to key decision makers, understanding main drivers behind the success of a company, analysing performance and understanding commercial decisions and their impact. As an auditor, you are mainly focused on the past, but what interested me most was how these companies can achieve their current and future goals and capitalise on opportunities. I was instantly drawn to the world of corporate finance and I decided to specialise in the field in 2017. The fact that this is a role of a forward-looking, strategic advisor immediately appealed to me. A career in corporate finance offers a brilliant opportunity to work with a variety of companies and some incredibly interesting individuals but most importantly it’s an opportunity to make a real tangible difference in the business world and even in the local economy.

When did you join Gambit?

I joined Gambit as Corporate Finance Manager in 2019. Gambit is a highly respectable firm and has a fantastic reputation. I moved to the UK some 10 years ago from Poland and so I greatly believe that international opportunities are incredibly important for individuals as well as companies. I was therefore immediately drawn to the fact that Gambit is the exclusive UK shareholder of the CFI Group, which enables our clients to access global opportunities, taking our work beyond the UK.

 What might people not know about you? 

I love to spend my free time travelling and I try to tick off as many places as I can from my very long list. I love learning about different cultures and I’m bilingual with Polish being my first language. Outside of work I’m interested in fitness and most outdoors activities including hiking, diving and skiing.