The Value of Corporate Finance Advice

Gambit Corporate Finance LLP is featured in the December 2017/January 2018 edition of ICAEW’s Corporate Financier in an article highlighting the value of corporate finance advice. The article, written by Nick Fenn of Beechbrook Capital, explains why good advice minimises the execution risk for the both the borrower and the lender in a fund raising process.

Companies looking for funding have a wide range of options to consider. The lending industry has become much more diverse and complicated as a result of the emergence of many new alternative lenders, filling the void in SME lending following the 2008/09 banking crisis. 

Nick Fenn explains how advisers can guide prospective borrowers to increase the probability of a successful fund raise, including:
•    Advising on the types of debt available and which instruments would be most suitable;
•    Advising on the typical costs and other commercial terms of these debt instruments;
•    Advising on the various lenders operating in each area of the debt market and their relative strengths and weaknesses;
•    Advising on the information likely to be needed by potential lenders and how to produce it;
•    Ensuring prospective borrowers are well prepared before approaching potential lenders;
•    Assisting with the preparation for a smooth due diligence and documentation processes;
•    Answering or deflecting questions and only getting management involved when they need to be;
•    Advising on how the process works through to completion and how long it might take;
•    Maintaining fund raising momentum through to completion;
•    Acting as a diplomat, defusing tensions between the two sides; and
•    Explaining how an on-going relationship should work, and what information is likely to be required on an on-going basis.

The advice provided by Gambit Corporate Finance LLP to Voltcom during its successful growth capital fund raise features as a case study in the Corporate Financier article.

To read the full article, click here

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