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Gambit’s Human Capital team is pleased to publish its latest market insight, which sets out the key trends that will shape the prospects of companies in the sector in 2021. It also provides a number of key considerations for Human Capital companies, outlining how these trends present a chance to reinvigorate strategic plans and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

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Key Points

  • The historical focus on the efficiency of Human Capital companies has been challenged by Covid-19 and strategic priorities have been re-evaluated to place greater emphasis on growing and driving resilience as a core principle.
  • The importance of ‘talent stockpiling’, compounded by recent data on hiring intentions, creates a receptive environment for Human Capital companies’ services, increasing appetite for quality assets.
  • As the service portfolios of staffing firms, talent platforms and online job advertising firms increasingly overlap, an intense competitive dynamic is likely to emerge over the medium term as Human Capital companies look to broaden the channels through which they operate, leading to a wave of consolidation.
  • A sense of urgency has been created to acquire quality ‘bolt-on’ assets to augment existing offerings and broaden technological capabilities, in order to ensure that recruiters continue to move up the value chain and avoid a stagnation in their service offering.
  • Whilst financial metrics will evolve post-pandemic, deal makers have become adept at completing transactions in the current environment, with effective negotiation of Covid-19 adjustments paving the way for optimal value realisation opportunities.
  • A growing impetus from forward thinking companies to reset company strategies in line with D&I principles will see Human Capital companies’ role in effecting change in the recruitment market enhanced, increasing awareness and appetite towards the sector.

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