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Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Where did your interest in corporate finance begin?

I started my career in Accounts in the motor industry, after 4 years I ended up moving to an innovative recruitment technology company where I worked in a hybrid role of Accounts and Office Management. I found I really enjoyed working in Office Management and decided to focus more on that than Accounting. I moved to several more technology companies over the years and it was through these that I became aware of corporate finance as the companies were over time at different levels of requiring funding, re-financing or buy outs. This sparked an interest for me in corporate finance.


When did you join Gambit?

I joined Gambit in early 2021, I was aware of Gambit as my former company was a client of the firm.


What might people not know about you?

Football is a significant interest for my family and I am a massive Arsenal fan. I really enjoy travelling the world. In my spare time I tutor English and Maths from ages 7 to 11.