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Value Maximisation Review

Value Maximisation Review

Maximising the value to preparing you and your business for the next step

A Value Maximisation Review (VMR) is a business review developed by Gambit, specifically designed to identify key operational and strategic initiatives that will enhance the value of your business in preparation for:

  • Selling or transferring business ownership;
  • Raising capital to achieve liquidity;
  • Making an acquisition requiring financing; or
  • Growing organically and/or through acquisition.

The VMR program takes a holistic view of the business, both operationally and strategically, with a view to identifying and bridging value gaps; our aim is to align key stakeholder considerations and business objectives.

The VMR is a tailored process that provides a number of benefits, including:

  • A clear understanding on the areas in your business where value is being created or compromised;
  • A clear strategy and action plan to address the key issues and challenges to maximise value;
  • An understanding of what your business is worth currently and how value gaps can be bridged;
  • A sounding board for executive management and to provide a healthy challenge in a safe environment;
  • A business that is investor or investment ready.

The main objective of the VMR is to increase ‘enhancers’, maintain ‘preservers’ and eliminate ‘eroders’ of value

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