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 Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Every business owner cares what the future will hold for their company and its people

Creating and running a company is demanding but determining the next chapter of ownership is an essential aspect of orderly transition. 

At Gambit, we have extensive experience managing shareholders’ aspirations, establishing exactly what all stakeholders wish to achieve from the process and fully exploring all options available.

With the requirements of the individual shareholders and the interests of both management and staff understood, we can explore goals, timelines, change of control, tax efficiencies and structural issues. Then we recommend a succession-focused strategic plan which will ensure a smooth transition and protect the company’s prospects and interests of its diverse stakeholders. 

Our succession planning product, STEP, includes a tailored review of shareholder options, including:  

  • Project management and negotiations from initial review to legal conclusion  
  • Refinancing options with other shareholders
  • Management buy-outs, buy-ins and vendor assisted transfers
  • A total or partial trade or financial buyer sale 

Our succession planning model ensures that the owners’ transition aligns personal interests with the optimum exit route

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