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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

When the time is right to consolidate or grow your company through M&A

Markets change, opportunities emerge and identifying how to create and maintain market position is critical to long-term commercial success. 

It is why Gambit has in-house analyst capabilities, able to research acquisition targets and fully assess their synergistic fit, likely value range and funding options. 

With the right prospect identified, we know how to open doors, lead negotiations and ensure that the pricing, transaction structure and integration plan will benefit your strategic growth plans. 

We work locally, nationally and overseas through our international network and are committed to delivering the best possible deal for you and your business. 

Our services cover:

  • Researching and identifying key targets locally and internationally 
  • Indicative valuations
  • Financial modelling
  • Transaction structuring, tactics and negotiations
  • Advice on financing, from debt, equity and more complex instruments
  • Complete project managing - co-ordinating due diligence, legal and other advisers to work towards a successful and timely completion
  • Advice on developing and implementing the 100 day integration plan for systems analysis, employees’ communications and avoiding value erosion
  • Business planning to ensure the maximum value is extracted from the transaction

Matching ambition and vision with merger and acquisition expertise will add demonstrable value