Gambit Corporate Finance

Thought Leadership - 2014

“Time for a Reality Check?”

17 December 2014

With the Festive Season looming and a New Year approaching, it’s an opportune time for business owners...

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Food Producers Set to Devour Targets

16 December 2014

The UK has undoubtedly experienced a severe recession in recent years, out of which UK consumers have emerged...

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Morrisons Gamble on Price Reductions

03 April 2014

After reporting disastrous Christmas results, Dalton Phillips, Chief Executive at Morrisons, has rolled the...

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Gambit discusses cyclicality in this month's Recruitment International Magazine

12 March 2014

There is a widely held belief by business owners and investors that valuations in the human capital sector...

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Highly Attractive' IT Sector in Good Health

26 February 2014

The IT sector has entered 2014 in robust health, both globally and in the UK. There was a return of landmark...

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