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Social Housing Market Review Spring 2018

13 March 2018

Gambit Corporate Finance LLP is pleased to announce the publication of its Social Housing Market Review.

Report Summary:

  • Provision of affordable housing continues to increase as a result of the Welsh Government’s ‘Taking Wales Forward 2016 – 2021’ programme.
  • The move from Housing Benefit to Universal Credit (UC) represents the largest change to RSLs’ income streams for a generation.
  • Collaboration and consolidation has been a prominent theme in the wider sector, particularly amongst mid sized organisations.
  • As borrowing facilities approach maturity, It is a favourable time for associations to review their capital structures and debt positions well in advance.
  • A wall of liquidity is currently available in credit markets, looking to be deployed by an ever increasing range of institutions – it is important to consider the full range of debt options.
  • Interest rates are expected to continue rising gradually across major economies, but remain very low by historic levels - implementing a strategy in the shorter term is likely to be constructive, particularly for longer term funding.
  • The full implications of Brexit on Institutions and markets is unclear and those with refinance dates either side of Brexit, may want to consider accelerating the process.

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